The Meditation Art collection is original work by Indian artists.


The hand painted pieces are inspired by ancient imagery from the Rajasthan region of India and are produced on paper, parchment and cloth that is hundreds of years old. The lithographs are limited editions made by hand and signed and numbered by the artist. The magnificent miniature paintings exemplify the skilled work of a master craftsman who uses rare, antique Indian currency as his canvases. These banknotes are collectible in their own right.

Your purchase directly supports indigenous artists working to sustain their generations-old craft.

While traveling in India on a year sabbatical, Gary Zoller had the good fortune to meet several families of artists making exquisite original artwork. Zoller jokes,"I found it difficult to decide which ones I wanted to buy for family and friends because I wanted them all for myself." With an eye for sharing the collection within the Yoga community, Zoller decided to buy it all and in 2002 founded Meditation Art.

Upon returning from India, Zoller began to expose the art to the San Francisco community through any means possible. He offered San Francisco yoga studios a chance to show the art on their walls and the response was overwhelming. People loved the artwork so much Zoller decided to turn Meditation Art into a bona fide business.

In March 2003 Meditation Art made its debut at a yoga conference in Los Angeles and the yoga community welcomed this fabulous collection with great encouragement. Zoller reminisces, "I saw an avenue to combine my skill and experience as an entrepreneur with my love of art. The great bonus was that I had created a job for myself sharing this spiritual art with positive people everywhere." Since that show in Los Angeles, Meditation Art has exhibited in more than 18 events throughout North America.

The collection includes hand painted prints, one-of-a-kind paintings and original lithographs made from a litho stone as opposed to the zinc plates more commonly used. The collection features the artists' unique use of antique papers, parchments and cloth. The banknote series exemplifies some of the finest miniature style painting, famous in the Rajasthan region of India. Much of the fine detail is done with a one-hair brush and an unaided eye.

Last year Meditation Art released its first line of greeting cards derived from sixteen pieces from the collection. This allowed the beautiful imagery to be shared at a whole different level. Zoller says, "1 wanted to reach people who loved the work but could not afford a piece of fine art. The cards allow them to have a piece of the collection they identify with and many who have bought the cards simply frame them.

I have always been an art collector and on occasion, a patron. As the curator of Meditation Art I am able to support artists through Fair Trade and I am proud to represent them. Exposing their work to a wide audience directly supports indigenous artists committed to continuing their craft."

Seeking to add to the products that his customers desire, Zoller is perpetually creating more for Meditation Art to offer the yoga world and beyond. The hand-painted magnets and mini glass paintings have been a hit and offer more Fair Trade art at an affordable price. In early 2004 Zoller added Buddha head candles, stickers, batik tapestries and Tibetan-style prayer flags to the mix. The latest addition is a collection of Hindu deities hand-painted on glass ornaments and are available this holiday season. Soon images from the Meditation Art collection will adorn these fabulous ornaments.

Zoller exudes excitement as he focuses on the future of Meditation Art and his love of his job. "I am an artrepreneur, and love my job. I travel with the art and all its inherent good energy to places I enjoy; I interact with people who love this art as much as I do and the validation is my personal profit."


"share the spirit…soothe your soul."

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