item7a1b1a1aMeditation Art offers a unique opportunity for Yoga, Pilates and Bodywork Studios as well as Spas and Meditation Centers to show, share and sell pieces from the collection in your space.

item7a1b1a1a1For studios that fit our profile, and place a minimum order of our wholesale items (greeting cards, magnets & minis and buddha head candles), we will beautify your studio with framed art on the walls, and you will earn commissions when your community members purchase a piece of Meditation Art.

item7a1b1a1a2We provide you with gallery-style tags with information and pricing for framed and unframed pieces. You install the art on the best wall spaces in your studio with the tags next to the pieces, and promote Meditation Art to your clients. Earn additional commissions by referring sales to our website.

item7a1b1a1a3You'll enjoy a decor upgrade while earning extra revenue for your studio!

item7a1b1a1a4Please email or call to inquire about participating in the Program.




item7a1b1a1a7"share the spirit....soothe your soul." ™

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