Reclining Ganesh Metal Statues, a Fair Trade Art Product from Meditation Art from Indonesia

Ganesh is preferred to Shiva as the Lord of Yoga by his fervent followers. His whole appearance, including the mouse on which he rides, are linked to yoga principles by these followers who see in them symbolic significance.

These metal statues are quality crafted in Thailand. Sizes range from 1.75-2.75 for the regular size statues, and .75 - 1.5" for the tiny versions (not pictured)

Reclining Ganesh Metal Statues

item6d1c1a1a1a1Size: Regular: 1.75 - 2.75"
item6d1b1a1a1a1a1Price: $15.00

item6d1c1a1a1a1aSize: Tiny: .75 - 1.5'

Item: ma-ft-statues-metal-reclining ganesh
Availability: In Stock Usually ships in 5-7 days

qty: item6d1a2a1item6d1a2a1aitem6d1a1b1aitem6d1a1a1a1

Reclining Ganesh Metal Statues, a Fair Trade Art Product by Meditation Art from Indonesia


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