Original Paintings on of Hindu Gods
on Antique Indian Bank Notes

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paintings of hindu gods on bank notesitem5aitem7a1b2Miniature paintings of Hindu Gods are an ancient tradition in Hindu art from India. Painted on antique Indian currency, these banknotes from the 1800's are collectible in their own right.

item7a1b2aEach Hindu god painting is an original, and there are many of each design from which to choose.

item7a1b2bAll pieces are available framed or unframed.


Hindu God Paintings on Indian Bank Notes

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Our hand painted antique banknote paintings of Ganesh are worth noting in detail. In traditional Indian Art, Ganesh is depicted with a large belly and at least four arms, seated on a lotus throne or on the mouse he rides, or dancing. His most common attributes are the lasso, a symbol of attachment to worldly matters, as well as the capacity to capture evil and blind ignorance; the elephant hook, which is a sign of action and represents the ability to distinguish spiritual motives and steern them; and a snake, the symbol of the eternal cycle of time and immortality, often illustrated as 5-7 snakes in a protective canopy behind the god's head. As you view our Ganesh Paintings on Banknotes and our Abstract Ganesh Gouache Original Paintings, keep an eye out for the various objects, animals, and other representations that carry a theme throughout this most popular Hindu Deity.